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Essential Spring Maintenance Tips for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Spring is the time to start fresh by giving your home a good cleaning and performing vital maintenance tasks. If you have a home electric vehicle charging station, you need to include it as part of your spring maintenance by following the below EV charger maintenance tips.

Check That the Plug Remains Securely in the Outlet

Outlets wear down over time because they are used often. When outlets are subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear, they stop working as designed. One sign that an outlet is no longer functioning properly is that a plug will not remain securely in place. To check that the outlet in your charging system is functioning as it should, make sure there is sufficient tension to keep your vehicle’s plug firmly in the outlet. If you can remove the plug easily or if the plug is loose, then this is a sign that your outlet needs to be replaced. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you need to check that your outlet has adequate tension annually. If you have never checked your outlet’s tension before, be sure to do it this spring.

Check Your Charging Cables

A loose cable or chafing around the connector can cause charging to become erratic. Please look at your cables or vehicles’ charging system and check them for signs of wear. The line can also become frayed from the heat of the charging system, which will have to work harder to keep up with demand.

Keep the Charging Area Clean

The charging system is susceptible to dust buildup, so keeping the charging station clean is essential. These systems can be particularly fussy about cleaning; some require a blast of compressed air, while others are more forgiving. It’s necessary to check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you are following proper cleaning procedures.

Schedule an Inspection

Spring is the best time to schedule an inspection for your EV charging station. The weather is mild which makes for a comfortable environment for your technicians. During the inspection, technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle charging system to make sure all components are working properly. If any problems are spotted, the technicians will advise you of them, so you can fix them before they become grave disasters.

If you reside in Rochester, MN and need to schedule an inspection for your EV charging station, Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions & Installations offers EV charger installation services. During our inspection, we will check for problems and work with you to fix them, so your vehicle charging experience remains optimal.