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Our licensed professionals have the technical skills to repair and replace your home or office’s electrical panels.

It is vital that your home or business has a functioning electrical system. Contact our team to schedule an inspection.

The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is having no power for an extended period of time. Consider protecting your home from electrical surges!

Whether you own an office or business, we have the licenses and modern solutions to keep your commercial electrical system up and running for years!

What We Do

It can be a shock when a homeowner discovers an electrical issue on their property. Most homeowners will just tolerate small electrical issues and unfortunately these things can add up over time to costly repairs and replacement services. It becomes very apparent when you add newer and more power demanding appliances to your home and find your  electrical system will not meet the demand. Which is why we suggest you call our team if you suspect any issues with your home, big or small.

Due to the delicate nature of working with electricity, we highly recommend enlisting the help of our professional services to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or your property. If you need an electrical contractor in Rochester, MN, you want to call a company with experience and an excellent reputation for putting customers first. At Paxton Electric, we provide reliable and friendly electrical service in Rochester, MN.

The right lighting can increase the safety and security of your home. Residential lighting in Rochester, MN can also enhance the home’s appearance and make it look larger, increasing its value in the mind of local homebuyers. Proper illumination can make the people in the house look their best, too.

We can provide an electrician in Rochester, MN who can install new recessed lighting or upgrade your current lighting with LEDs to make it more energy efficient and convenient.

When lighting high-traffic rooms that family members may visit in the middle of the night, such as the bathroom and kitchen, a dimmer switch can allow people to light their path without hurting the eyes.

Do you still have questions about your lighting options? Contact Paxton Electric today!

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The electrical panel (aka the circuit panel and distribution board) of your home helps facilitate the flow of electricity while also giving you a single place to control power to the different circuits in your home.

The panel likely has multiple switches that connect to different locations in your home. One switch may control all of the outlets in one room, but another switch may control a specific outlet designated for a particular appliance, such as a dryer or oven.

A circuit box can last for up to 40 years without needing professional service. However, do you know the last time your panel received repairs? You should get panel repair/replacement in Rochester, MN if you notice the following problems:

  • Burning smell
  • Regular power trips
  • Casing hot to the touch
  • Noisy operation
  • Corrosion

Call an electrical contractor in Rochester, MN to schedule work for your damaged distribution board.

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A commercial building requires specialized wiring to keep operations running properly and provide adequate facilities for both employees and clients who come to visit on site.

Commercial buildings have more extensive requirements than residential buildings. With more square footage, lights, electronics, and specialized equipment, it’s crucial to ensure the wiring can support all electrical needs, especially when upgrading to new and more powerful equipment. This is why you should always hire an expert commercial electrician in Rochester, MN. Our commercial electricians have the industry-specific experience and knowledge you need.

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Electricity can run unpredictably. Sometimes, this unpredictable behavior can lead to an excessive amount of electricity going to one outlet in the home and any device plugged into that particular outlet.

Power surges can happen without warning. Most often, they occur when the electrical company switches grids. It also occurs quite frequently during lightning storms and causes what is known as “brownouts,” where the power surges low and then high without actually going out.

Surge protectors help transfer any excess power to the ground or another safe place to help keep you safe when a surge occurs. You can buy surge protectors that work on a particular outlet. However, a more effective and long-term option is to have an electrician install whole-home surge protection in Rochester, MN.

You can save money in the long run by protecting your entire household upfront. However, outlet-specific models make a more appropriate choice for people with modern wiring who don’t plan to stay in the home long.

Learn more about our surge protection services >>

Some power outages are completely out of the hands of the homeowner and the electrical company, especially in the case of extreme weather.

A generator acts as a backup source of power that doesn’t need to plug into the home’s electrical system since it runs on battery power. The generator will allow you to power essential items, such as your cell phone and electric medical equipment, in the case of a power outage.

Generators come in different sizes, so talk to us about the items you plan to power so that we can help you pick an emergency generator in Rochester, MN in your budget that will still support all of your needs.

Call (507) 710-1448 to schedule a consultation! We look forward to serving you!

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Ahmad Nassr
Ahmad Nassr
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Brandon and Jaime were great! Brandon came out and described the job in detail. Jaime came out to install several new electric outlets as well as security camera system and flood lights. He was knowledgeable, hard working, attentive to detail and cleaned up meticulously after the job was done. A+. Would highly recommend.
Joe Hockert
Joe Hockert
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Brandon came out to provide an estimate on installing a 220 outlet for a new hot tub. Even though they were very busy he set up the appointment within a day or two. The team that did the actual work did a fantastic job!! They were eager to get my opinion and permission every time they ran into an issue to make sure I would be pleased with the final results. I must say we are very pleased! Overall, Paxton delivered, great communication, craftsmanship as well as being on time and courteous!
Angie Johnson
Angie Johnson
Read More
I would highly recommend Paxton Electric. We were moving and need a few things done that an inspector found. Jamie and Brandon were great to work with. Jamie called to let us know he was hung up with another customer and was not sure if he was going to make it. Well he made it work and even stayed late to ensure we were taken care of. I would say he went above and beyond for us. Wonderful experience, very prompt and professional service.

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