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Chevrolet EV Charger Installation in Rochester, MN

Chevrolet is a time-tested automaker that has been an American favorite for decades. Adaptable with the changing times, this Detroit-based corporation has released multiple electric vehicles over the years.

If you are considering purchasing a Chevrolet or already own one, call Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at (507) 316-6044 to arrange for the installation of your own EV charging station at home.

FAQs About Chevrolet EV Charger Installation

How long does it take to charge my Chevrolet? 

All three EV charging levels are supported by the Chevrolet Bolt, from Level 1 charging (the slowest) all the way up to Level 3 DC fast charging. On a full charge, the Bolt is expected to travel 259 miles. Bolt EUV, a slightly larger variant with 247 miles of range, is also available from Chevy. The charging time can vary but at level 2 it takes about 7 hours.

How does level 1 charging work?

Even if this is your first time plugging in an EV, the Level 1 charger should be a breeze to operate. The Level 1 charging cord is included with every Bolt, and its setup may look familiar. This choice requires nothing more than a standard three-prong, 110-volt power outlet. The J1772 connector on the charging cable is plugged into the wall outlet and the other end is inserted into the Bolt’s charging port. Even though Level 1 charging is the quickest to set up and use, it also takes the most time to fully charge your battery. In order to “top off” your Chevrolet overnight, Chevrolet suggests using this feature.

How does level 2 charging work?

Using a Level 2 wall charger is your second option for charging at home. These chargers must be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit by an electrician like Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

Once set up, a Level 2 wall charger is just as simple to use as a Level 1 cord. Whether you decide to charge before a long trip or after daily driving, it’s the best choice for recharging. 

Chevrolet also offers a Level 2 charger with a dual-level cord that doesn’t need to be hardwired into the vehicle. The charging cord can be used with both 120 and 240 volt outlets, making it convenient to take along. About 25 miles of range can be added per hour of charging with this feature.

Levels Of EV Charging

We Can Help Determine Which Level Is Best For You

AC Level One Electric Car Charging

A standard 120-volt wall outlet is used for Level 1 charging. At Level 1, any electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle’s charging equipment can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Depending on speed, it can increase range by 3-5 miles per hour.

AC Level Two Electric Car Charging

When it comes to daily EV charging, level 2 is the norm. Level 2 charging stations are versatile and can be installed anywhere from the garage to the workplace to a public transportation hub. Depending on the charger’s power output and the vehicle’s maximum charge rate, a Level 2 charge can restore between 12 and 80 miles of range per hour.

AC Level Three Electric Car Charging

Since Level 3 charging requires a voltage significantly higher than Level 1 and Level 2 charging, it is uncommon to find such devices in private residences. Instead, you’ll find Level 3 at commercial buildings.