Update Your Electrical System

Hire an electrician for a panel upgrade in Rochester, MN

If you live in an older home that has a fuse box, consider upgrading to a circuit breaker. Paxton Electric offers panel upgrades in the Rochester, MN area.

Our experienced electrician will update your electrical system using proven techniques. You can rest assured that your new electrical panel will be safe and reliable.

Contact a trusted electrician today to schedule a panel upgrade in the Rochester, Minnesota area.

3 long-lasting benefits of panel upgrades

3 long-lasting benefits of panel upgrades

Paxton Electric will upgrade, move or add the electrical panel your house requires. You’ll love your new electrical panel because:

  • It’s easy to reset
  • It eliminates the need for fuse replacements
  • It works better with modern power needs
Circuit breakers work with GFCI circuits and are easier to repair and maintain than a fuse box. Call 507-206-4635 today to learn more about the benefits of electrical panel upgrades in Rochester, MN.