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Electrical Panel repair and replacement in Rochester, MN

Your electrical panel is one of the most-used mechanisms in your home. Whether it’s keeping the heat and air on during the day or powering your lights and appliances at night, all the electricity you use comes through your electrical panel. Paxton Electric knows how vital electricity is to everyday life, so if you have a problem with your electrical panel, we’ll promptly respond to your electrical panel issues in Rochester, MN. 

Paxton Electric has been providing electrical panel service to the local area for many years, and we’re proud of our reputation within the community. We’re locally owned and operated, and you’ll receive the best electrical panel service we can provide. We’re upfront about our pricing, so you won’t receive any surprises when you pay your bill, and our rates are very competitive. 

All our electricians are licensed and bonded, and we thoroughly vet everyone, so you needn’t worry about letting a stranger into your home. They’ll arrive promptly at the appointed time rather than too early or too late. We know how annoying those occurrences are, so we do our best to be on time for appointments.

What Are Electrical Panels and What Is Their Function?

All the electricity you use comes from your utility company – unless you have solar – and it’s wired into the meter and then to your electrical panel. Usually, it comes in as 220/240 volts and is then split into 110/120 wires that go from the panel to the various rooms in the house. Your panel is usually located in a remote part of the house and very close to the electrical meter.

Typically, each room has at least one circuit breaker, but sometimes, there are more. For instance, your HVAC system may have a dedicated circuit, a tankless water heater may have a dedicated circuit, and so forth, and these should be specifically labeled so that you don’t accidentally trip them. Optimally, each breaker should be labeled for the room it covers, and some breakers may cover more than one room.

Since electrical panels are used so much, they’ll need to be serviced or replaced, and a breaker will sometimes need to be replaced. Paxton Electric is one of the best in the area for electrical panel replacement in Rochester, MN, so if you’re having problems with your panel or electricity, then we can help.

Signs of Panel Problems

How do you know if you need a new electrical panel in Rochester, MN? Several symptoms can indicate that your electrical panel needs service, repair, or replacement, including:

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If you notice any of these issues, then you need service on your electrical panel. Often, a breaker needs to be replaced, which is a relatively simple fix. It is not, however, a DIY project. Never attempt electrical repairs on your own for the following reasons: 

Benefits of a Panel Upgrade

If you decide to replace or upgrade your electrical panel, then Paxton Electric should be your first call. If your panel doesn’t need to be replaced, we’ll tell you. However, modern panels are considerably more energy efficient. You may save enough on your monthly power bill to quickly recoup the cost of the new panel, especially if you live in an older home. Your appliances will run more efficiently, and you won’t be annoyed by flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, or getting shocked. You’ll also add value to your home when you replace worn-out electrical panels, and you may get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Need Electrical Panel Installation in Rochester, MN?

If you need electrical panel service, repair, or replacement, then Paxton Electric should be your first call. The professional staff at our locally owned and operated company will provide you with some of the best services you’ll ever have, and we’ll make sure your panel is operating safely. Call us at (507) 710-1448 to schedule your appointment. You’ll feel more at ease knowing your home and your loved ones are safer. Give us a call today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Cyrila Pycha
Cyrila Pycha
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Brandon and his assistant showed up at the appointed time. I was also given a reminder notification of their service call. Friendly, professional and quick. Electrical outlets had power to an entire wall. Two GFI outlets had to be replaced. Very pleased with Paxton Electric's service.
Madhu Grover
Madhu Grover
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We needed replacement of a Chandelier. Everything from getting the estimate, to scheduling and service was flawless. They were excellent to work with. Very careful with the piece and surrounding furniture during the set-up. Even wore a mask throughout the service. Would recommend highly and will ask them for service again.
Linda J. Sheppard
Linda J. Sheppard
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The best service/Installation experience I have had in a very long time. I received patience, compassion, information and detailed understanding of what I needed. Your employee was timely & efficient. Paxton electric is the company I will contact for any future electrical needs. Thank you so much for responding quickly to my online request for information.