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Circuit breaker board displays many switches. A finger is about to turn it back on

Most Common Spring Electrical Panel Issues

As spring starts to make its way into Minnesota, you likely have a long list of household to-dos that you’ve been waiting to get to. If you’ve been experiencing any of the common issues below, then you need to put fixing your electrical panel at the top of your list.


Probably the most common problem that homeowners experience with their electrical panel is corrosion. This can range from minimal to excessive with holes in the metal panel. Whenever a source of moisture, like high humidity and dripping water, enters the electrical box, it can lead to serious damage. In cases of severe damage, you’ll need to undergo a full panel upgrade to ensure safe electrical connections.

Flickering Lights That Randomly Turn Off

A common problem that our electricians at Paxton Electric see on a consistent basis is flickering lights that will turn off at random. While it’s perfectly normal to experience flickering lights during the storms in Rochester, you shouldn’t be experiencing them during nice weather. If you’ve noticed that your lights tend to flicker every time that they’re turned on, it’s an indication that you’ll need to get your electrical panel replaced by a professional.

Shocks From Outlets and Light Switches

You may not give it a second thought until it happens multiple times. You feel a slight tingling sensation whenever you touch a specific outlet or light switch. This little shock can actually indicate a larger problem with the grounding of your electrical system. It’s best to have your system checked for faulty wiring by a professional before the shocks get more severe.

Black Spot on Breaker Box

One surefire indication that something is amiss with your breaker box is noticing a black spot or two. This burnt spot is physical evidence of a circuit breaker overheating. This can be a very serious problem that should be addressed by a licensed electrician immediately. You don’t want to continue to let this overheating happen as it could lead to a massive fire hazard in your house.

Crackling or Hissing From Your Box

Whenever you stand by your breaker box, you may hear a slight humming sound. That’s completely natural. However, if that humming turns into crackling or hissing, then something is frying inside of the breaker box. This could be the result of loose wiring or a faulty circuit breaker. Either way, this malfunction needs to be dealt with immediately to reduce one’s risk of a house fire.

Frequently Tripped Circuits

Another issue that you may experience from time to time is frequently tripped circuit breakers. If you’re noticing that many breakers are tripping, it could be an indication that you’re trying to draw more power than your box can handle. Most older homes have a 100-amp electrical panel. Electricians recommend that modern homes have a 200-amp panel box installed due to the increase in electrical products that modern homeowners utilize.

If your electrical panel needs to be replaced this spring season, it’s time to call the experts at Paxton Electric!

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Cyrila Pycha
Cyrila Pycha
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Brandon and his assistant showed up at the appointed time. I was also given a reminder notification of their service call. Friendly, professional and quick. Electrical outlets had power to an entire wall. Two GFI outlets had to be replaced. Very pleased with Paxton Electric's service.
Madhu Grover
Madhu Grover
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We needed replacement of a Chandelier. Everything from getting the estimate, to scheduling and service was flawless. They were excellent to work with. Very careful with the piece and surrounding furniture during the set-up. Even wore a mask throughout the service. Would recommend highly and will ask them for service again.
Linda J. Sheppard
Linda J. Sheppard
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The best service/Installation experience I have had in a very long time. I received patience, compassion, information and detailed understanding of what I needed. Your employee was timely & efficient. Paxton electric is the company I will contact for any future electrical needs. Thank you so much for responding quickly to my online request for information.