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6 Ways to Keep Your Generator in Excellent Working Condition

We are deep into winter weather here in Rochester, MN, and one thing you want in tip-top condition is your generator. Should the power go out, having a generator standing by can make the difference between a hot cooked meal and a cold PB&J for dinner. If you have medical devices in your home, getting peak performance from your generator is even more important. Here are six tips for maintaining this essential machine in optimal condition.

1. Make a Plan for Your Generator

In order to create a regular maintenance schedule, use a calendar. Find a good slot during the week or on the weekend when performing maintenance will be convenient. Because of the importance of your generator, make sure you reserve that day across all your devices.

2. Schedule Time for Monthly Tasks

Once a month, you should perform some general maintenance on your generator. Mark it on the calendar because days fly by quickly. It’s easy to be surprised that another month has gone by. Also check the owner’s manual to see if they have any specific things for you to check that might not be on our list.

3. Check Fluid Levels

Just as when caring for your car, the fluid levels must be checked and replaced as needed. Your generator will have oil and coolant fluids. Check them with a dipstick.

4. Replace Old Fluid

Oil should be changed on a regular basis and definitely after a long period of not using it. This keeps the important fluids free of dust or contaminants that may have gotten in. You should change the oil on a regular basis; check the owner’s manual to find out how often you will need to do this.

5. Start It Up

Once a month, start the generator up and let it run at peak capacity for a little while; 15-30 minutes should be fine. If there are problems with the generator, you want to know now rather than when you need to use it. Another reason for doing this is to make sure the battery is working and able to start the generator. If you need a new battery, it’s better to purchase it now instead of waiting until the power goes out, and you need it to work right away.

6. Don’t Use Old Gas

After every use, drain the gasoline from your generator. This ensures that with every use, your generator will be running on fresh, clean fuel. If you’re unsure how to drain the gas, see your owner’s manual or a video online.

If you’re not sure what kind of generator you need, get in touch with our electricians at Paxton Electric. We can also help out if any of your generator maintenance reveals any problems.

Contact our team today to schedule an electrical service estimate for your home or property. Call 507.710.1448

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Cyrila Pycha
Cyrila Pycha
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Brandon and his assistant showed up at the appointed time. I was also given a reminder notification of their service call. Friendly, professional and quick. Electrical outlets had power to an entire wall. Two GFI outlets had to be replaced. Very pleased with Paxton Electric's service.
Madhu Grover
Madhu Grover
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We needed replacement of a Chandelier. Everything from getting the estimate, to scheduling and service was flawless. They were excellent to work with. Very careful with the piece and surrounding furniture during the set-up. Even wore a mask throughout the service. Would recommend highly and will ask them for service again.
Linda J. Sheppard
Linda J. Sheppard
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The best service/Installation experience I have had in a very long time. I received patience, compassion, information and detailed understanding of what I needed. Your employee was timely & efficient. Paxton electric is the company I will contact for any future electrical needs. Thank you so much for responding quickly to my online request for information.