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4 Risks of DIY Electrical Work

A dangerous situation shown with a burnt electronical socket

The electrical wires and components in your building often need attention when repairs are needed or upgrades need to be made. You may want to attempt to do the work yourself as a way of saving money, but this can quickly lead to issues. Here are a few of the top risks of DIY electrical […]

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

man throwing circuit breaker at residential service panel

While many people travel to Rochester, MN to visit the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, there are over 100,000 people just like you that call this city home. If you’re like most of the population, you own your own home and are responsible for the problems that it has. When it comes to a constantly tripping circuit […]

The Best Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires in Rochester, MN

Smoke detector and fire alarm in action background with copy space

An electrical fire can occur because of bad wiring in your home or an overloaded circuit. Many of the homes in Rochester, MN are older and use outdated fuse boxes that can also cause a fire to break out. While using smoke detectors can alert you to the fire, there are also some helpful tips […]

Why You Need Generator Maintenance

A portable generator, backup power generator around snow after severe winter weather, blizzard and snow storm. Using a mobile generator to provide power after snowy weather.

The winter in Rochester, MN often runs from November through March, but you may find some cold temperatures and snow earlier or later in the year. An electric generator works with your home’s system to stay charged and kicks on as needed during an emergency. While home models supply power to everything in your home, […]

When to Replace or Repair Your Electrical Panel

man throwing circuit breaker at residential service panel

The electrical panel is part of your home’s electrical system. Often called a circuit breaker or a fuse box, it looks like a small metal box with a door on the front. The panel uses switches that turn on and off as needed to ensure that your home has all of the power you need. […]

Most Common Spring Electrical Panel Issues

Circuit breaker board displays many switches. A finger is about to turn it back on

As spring starts to make its way into Minnesota, you likely have a long list of household to-dos that you’ve been waiting to get to. If you’ve been experiencing any of the common issues below, then you need to put fixing your electrical panel at the top of your list. Corrosion Probably the most common […]

4 Essential Tips for Being Safe When Lightning Strikes

Lightning over field

Lightning is one of nature’s most fearsome constructs, striking with millions of volts of electricity at random across the landscape. While the odds are against you ever getting struck by lightning, it does happen, and the people that it happens to are forever changed by the experience. Fortunately, there are some things that you can […]

5 Reasons to Choose a Smart Thermostat

A person using a smart phone application saving energy with a wireless smart thermostat on a white background.

Old thermostats require that you manually adjust them every time you want to change the temperature in your home. Thanks to the new smart thermostats, you can control them anywhere you go. When you look at the top five reasons to choose a smart thermostat, you’ll understand why so many homeowners use them. 1. Use […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Generator in Excellent Working Condition

We are deep into winter weather here in Rochester, MN, and one thing you want in tip-top condition is your generator. Should the power go out, having a generator standing by can make the difference between a hot cooked meal and a cold PB&J for dinner. If you have medical devices in your home, getting […]

3 Ways To Shield Appliances and Electronics With Surge Protectors

If you’re like most people in the Rochester, Minnesota, area, you keep your appliances and electronics plugged into outlets at all times. Imagine purchasing a new appliance only to experience a power surge that affects not only the new appliance but also some of your electronics. Read on to learn about three culprits that cause […]